Librarian's got a brand new bag (well, sort of)

Not really new, per se. Repurposed. One of my favorite things!

We were going to throw out this old mailbox-library bag because the protective plastic around the address label area was extremely tattered. The label would not stay in place. But on my way to garbage bin, I had an idea. So I took it home with me instead. After washing all of the gunk away (that took a bit of scrubbing), I added a fabric lining to the inside, attached a pocket to the front where the fabric was discolored due to the address label, and then some straps, repurposed from old belts. I even added a zipper pull to match the lining and the pocket.

I brought it back in to the library to show off this transformation to my library coworkers. And I ended up with commissions for more! If anyone else wants in on this exclusive new library fashion accessory, let me know. I'm here teaching old bags new tricks.


  1. Wow, That was really quick thinking Lindsay! I love looking at the stuff you create/re-purposed. So, how does one obtain one of these wonderful bags?


  2. Thanks, Travis! I'm really playing this by ear, for now. I'm open to taking commissions for bags via blog, facebook, or email. They'll be around $30, depending on the size.


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