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21 August 2012

Thrifty nifty

In my most recent thrift store adventures, I found this beautiful machine. According to my research, it is a 1958 Royal Futura 800 series typewriter, still in working condition (I gave it a little test run in the shop). And I bought it for only $40! Carrying case and all. That is why love thrift stores and flea markets. Like a box of chocolates. This same typewriter is being sold here and here for $150, and here for a whopping $525!

Beautiful. I'm building my typewriter arsenal: collection, obsession, whatever you want to call it. 

And this one, is magic! Note the buttons: "magic column set." And those red buttons to either side of the carriage? They are "magic margins!" Taking this important trait into consideration, I think I will call her Hermione.


  1. I think that Royal Futurae are wonderful typewriters. They have a great look. I actually gave one away to one of my students who was yearning for a typewriter. She loved it.Good find on your part.

  2. Thanks, Ryan! I still don't know very much about this specific machine, so it's great to hear others have had good experiences with them. I must admit, I do find it a very attractive model.

    P.S. As a grammar-geek, I heartily approve your pluralization of Futura. Nicely done ;)