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05 February 2013

Forthcoming: Midway Journal

Last week, I received a good bit of poetry news: 

My two poems "Foxwife" and "Stepmother" have been accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of Midway Journal

Both of these poems are deeply rooted in folktale. "Foxwife," is a folktale parody of Anne Sexton's poem "Housewife." 

In "Stepmother," I pull from "Hansel & Gretel," "The Juniper Tree," even a little bit from "The Little Red Hen," with each of the four sections of the poem in the voice of a different character (sister, dead mother, brother, father). It is in no way a reference to my real-life stepmother, who is certainly not wicked (not even close). But I did pull a little from my real-life sibling bond with my younger brother, that I noticed got much stronger after our parents' divorce. An us-against-them bond, "them" being the rest of the world.

I wrote "Foxwife" in the old apartment on Goose Hill. I wrote "Stepmother" just after moving into the little house on Cannon two years ago. But finally, these two poems have found a home.

So that's one lit mag down, two to go!

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