30 April 2013

Goodbye, National Poetry Month. Hello, Lumberyard!

The final day of National Poetry Month (and NaPoWriMo, of course) has brought with it some of the best poetry news. In February, I submitted my "Atomic Age" poems to this beautiful magazine The Lumberyard. I may have gushed a little bit about how much I liked this magazine. The words "striking" and "edgy" come to mind. Also, LETTERPRESS! 

Well, my bit of amazing poetry news is that today I received an acceptance letter from The Lumberyard for two of these three poems! My "Atomic Age" poems will be printed in Issue No. 11. I am on a poetry cloud today and I'm not sure when I'll come back down. Happy Poetry Month, one and all.

This is lit mag acceptance number 3 for this year! I've already met my New Year poetry publishing goal for 2013 and we're only embarking on May. Let's see if I can exceed my own expectations.

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