Forthcoming: Sugar House Review

I've just received an acceptance for my poem "Fevvers (Authenticating the Cockney Venus)" from Sugar House Review. Hooray!

(that's a sugar beet, in case you were wondering)

This poem has been gathering dust for the last couple of years, but I sent it out into the world again this past spring. It is my homage to Angela Carter's carnival of a novel Nights at the Circus (1984), which chronicles the adventures of American journalist Jack Walser as he falls in love with the winged-woman, aerialiste extraordinaire Sophia Fevvers. If you haven't read this book (or any others by Angela Carter, for that matter), I highly recommend that you do!

I just discovered that my Midway poems apparently went live on October 15 without my noticing. Oops! Anyway, hooray for Midway Journal's newest issue: volume 7, no. 4!!! Have a read here, if you please.


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