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Process and Prosody

One of the questions most often asked of writers is: What is your writing process? By this general question, all of the following are really implied: 1. What time of day do you like to write? 2. What days of the week? 3. Where do you like to write? 4. What writing implements do you use? 5. Do you have any strange rituals or habits to stimulate your writing practice? 6. Etc. Even though I've really been writing poetry since I was a child, I never had a writing process. Even when I was taking writing workshops in college, my process consisted of just hoping something would "come to me" before the deadline. Whenever I sat down on the bed or the couch with the intention of writing, I would rarely succeed unless I already had the seed of something with which to start. Now, left to my own devices as an adult, I have no more excuses for this sort of laziness. So I've been trying out different practices with the hope of their turning into process. Finally, I think I

Words I want to use in a poem

primavera worms cut dirt flush thunder trees