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I feel fabulous

For my first time, I have to say that my experience with The Coachella Review has been all a girl could hope for. Not only did they accept two of my poems for publication, but their Poetry Editor was completely wonderful to work with, the suggested revisions were very, very minimal, and there was fast turnaround between both submission and response & acceptance and publication . And I even got a call the morning after .   Am I blushing?

A coach named Ella

The Fall 2011 issue of The Coachella Review is up and at 'em! I particularly adore the cover photo by Katie Keller, which, I believe, features a coach named Ella? Perfect. Looks like a postcard I'd hope to find in my mailbox. My poems "Vespers" and "Studies in Still-Life" feel quite at home here. And I can't wait to read all of my fellow Fall-2011ers!

LibraryThing Early Reviewers: Paper Covers Rock & Triplicity

Two poetry chapbooks in one from Indigo Ink Press: Paper Covers Rock , by Chella Courington and Triplicity: Poems in Threes , by Kristen McHenry. The chapbook form is one I particularly love. There is a great romantic history behind them as the pamphlets and small booklets of ballads and legends sold by traveling chapmen. And there is so much artistic potential in their diminutive size, their general brevity. But this is the first time I've enc0untered a dual chapbook; and I'm not sure that it does the writers or the work any favors. My favorite attribute of the chapbook is the way it can be used to encapsulate a particular experience. Whereas poetry collections tend to span a greater range of subjects, a chapbook can focus on one of these and capture a single story in a dozen or a couple dozen poems. But with two manuscripts and two different poets vying for attention within the same binding, it feels a bit too crowded here. But on to the poetry! Chella Courin