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Etsy Treasury Love

It's not very easy to get noticed on Etsy. It's hawking your wares, unique and valuable as you might think them to be, in the biggest street fair in the world. How do people find you among everyone else? How do you find them? I've been on Etsy for nearly six months now and I haven't really got much to show for it yet. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. But out of the blue yesterday, two different Etsy sellers picked my broadsides to feature in their hand-picked treasuries. It's quite an honor to be singled out like that by a fellow artist/crafter. It's a great feeling to be recognized. My "Poetic License" broadside was featured in SageLetterpress 's "Letterpress Love" treasury : And then, a few hours later, my "Library Etiquette" broadside was featured in LindsayDud's Pretty Cool Stuff Emporium 's "Bookworm" treasury : So check out these lovely treasuries! One of the keys to getting noticed, I think, is n

LibraryThing Early Reviewers: Cloud of Ink, by L.S. Klatt

Klatt makes many whimsical connections in his verse, giving this collection an atmosphere of playfulness. His poem “Liquefaction” is a particularly fun and memorable example. Sometimes these bundles of lighthearted images allude to something deeper or darker, but in many of these poems, they are just what they seem: a lover of words at play, a gathering of “inklings.” L.S. Klatt's Cloud of Ink won the 2011 Iowa Poetry Prize. I give it 3 stars. Also, Happy National Poetry Month, everyone!

The machinery of words

You must be aware, at this point, that I have an ongoing love affair with words and the physical making of them. I love my Remington Rand manual typewriter with all its clicking and clacking as I write. A friend directed me to this wonderful slideshow of "Famous Authors and their Typewriters" and now I must share it with you as well. Enjoy!