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On visual poetry and vivisecting language

Last month I finished my second series of six poem-collages. The first were paired with my Silence of the Lambs  poems. These are paired with my Alien  poems.  I used the same source materials for these as I did for the previous series, which are primarily The MacMillan Wild Flower Book  and Gray's Anatomy . Using the same sources helps to connect both series, make them part of a greater narrative that is explored in my full-length manuscript, Catechesis .  These are the six poem and collage pairings of this series: What's the story, Mother? + round-leaved sundew & venus flytrap / plate 74 Wait a minute, there's movement. It seems to have life — organic life. + jack-in-the-pulpit / plate 2 You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you? + false dragonhead / plate 170 I can't lie to you about your chances, but you have my sympathies. + swamp pink / plate 35 We've got this far — we must go on. We ha