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Holiday sweets: Sugar House Review!

  The long-anticipated  fifth-anniversary  double-issue   of   Sugar House Review   is HERE ! Receiving my beautiful, brightly-colored contributors' copies of Sugar House Review , issue 10 was the cherry on top of my much-needed holiday break. My Angela Carter poem "Fevvers (Authenticating the Cockney Venus)" is in this jam-packed volume with words from poet-friends like Donna Vorreyer, Laura Madeline Wiseman, and so many talented others. My poem is right across the page from a poem by Sara Eliza Johnson, writer of the 2014 collection Bone Map ! I'm so excited to be among such fabulous company. Get your own copy of this gorgeous magazine here .   Happy New Year, friends!

My year in poetry, 2014

I've spent the past year in the very slow construction of a poetry collection that is only now a quarter of the way to completion. I took a break from submitting to focus on the writing of new work for this manuscript and it has resulted in a whole new writing approach for me: writing as architecture, writing each new poem as a part of some larger work. In this way, writing toward an eventual book feels like a much different process from writing individual poems with no endgame in mind.      I'm closing the year with a grand total of 14 pieces for my Catechesis manuscript (which is 8 more than I started with). I must admit that over the past months I have been frustrated and impatient with my slow progress, but I am very happy with these new poems in which I am creating a mixed-up kind of folklore with a loose narrative that spans from poem to poem. Here are a few of them: "Girl with no Hands" & "Interlude," in The Feminist Wire , June 25, 201