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The Girls Friday

Because packaging is the first impression, I spent my free time this week creating some attractive (and book-like) envelopes for my typewriter trading card sets . I wasn't sure what sort of packaging I wanted for them at first, so I did some looking around at different options. I settled on a template for an Artist Trading Card Envelope that I found on Mirkwood Designs (they have great templates for all sorts of paper-folding projects, including one for a Library Card Book Pocket ). I had to adjust the measurements to fit my cards because I made them a little bit larger than the standard 2.5 x 3.5" trading cards. I measured out the envelope template on a manila folder because it would give the envelope sturdiness, and then cut it out. Then, I glued the envelope to the back of some beautiful printed papers from Paper Mojo . After the envelope template was covered with the decorative paper, I folded the tabs down, creased them well with my bone folder, and glued them in

Collect 'em all

Limited-edition typewriter trading cards from Thread Lock Press!  So far there are three different typewriter characters for this card series, and each has two color variations. And, yes these are all my own typewriters (and, yes, I really do call them by name). Each card is equipped with a photo of the typewriter, categorized "Stats" text typed on the same machine named on the card, and a vintage advertisement. So far, we have: 1. Hildegard 2. Hermione 3. Hannelore This was a very fun project. Because of the research and tinkering I had to do, I feel like I know my machines so much better than I did before. One neat thing I noticed was how much the typeface varies from machine to machine. Did you see that too? These typewriters certainly have their own personalities. I will debut these cards and sets at my type-in and letter-writing social on December 7 in Chestertown. After that, I plan to put them up in my Etsy shop .

So long and thanks for all the fish

Soon, I leave the grueling 7-day work-week library-assistant-bakery-girl life behind me. On September 20, I will be the new Assistant Director of the Rose O'Neill Literary House at Washington College. Working under and alongside Director (and poet) Jehanne Dubrow , I will be helping to plan and execute a series of literary events for each semester (including the summer), as well as keeping the house itself (which includes a fully-operational letterpress print shop ) in shape. There will be writers' readings, conversations on craft, lectures on academic literary ventures. I can't wait. I will miss my library and bakery friends deeply, but I can't think of any place I'd rather work than the Lit House. I am still attempting to suspend my disbelief. P.S. The photo above is the gift of congratulations I received from my dear friend (and fellow co-worker of 6+ years) Annie of Scribbling Glue , with whom I am planning an event called "Type-In Type-Out": C

Mark your calendars

When: First Friday, December 7th from 5-8PM   Where: Evergrain Bread Co. in Chestertown, Maryland  What: Chestertown's first ever Type-In and Letter-Writing Social Who: YOU! Brought to you by Thread Lock Press and Scribbling Glue .  This is something that my friend Annie and I have been wanting to do for a while; and we both decided about a week ago that now is the time to do it ! We gave ourselves plenty of time to get machines and materials ready for this. And we've already begun putting these materials physically together because we are JUST SO EXCITED about it. The next few months will involve cleaning up my typewriters a bit (I have three right now, and a fourth on the way!), fitting them up with some new ink ribbons, etc.  And because my typewriters truly have personalities of their own (you've met Hildegard and Hermione , right? There's also Hannelore, still to be introduced here), Annie had the wonderful idea to make typewriter trading ca