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On the end of a year & a decade: 2019

In this last month of the year, I've had five poems accepted by three different literary journals and two new reviews of my book appear in The Cincinnati Review and Harbor Review. I also completed the letterpress printing of the Rossetti Prize broadside for American Literary Review, designs for four more digital broadsides, and the initial edits & contributor proofs for Cherry Tree's sixth issue. Whew! It's been an amazing and overwhelming and utterly fulfilling year; and I'm riding into the new year on 2019's coattails. 

One of my favorite December inventories will always be reflecting on a year's worth of personal accomplishments and progress. By the time the end of the year arrives, it's so easy to forget all that happened just a few short months ago. Making a list has a way of bringing it all into perspective. Here's my roundup for the year:

2019 Retrospective
I released my debut full-length collection, Catechesis: a postpastoral (The University of…