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Mint, honeydew, seafoam

Hopefully these two typewriter cozies have made it safely to Zurich by now. Twin cozies, custom-made for two 1968 Hermes 3000 typewriters with seafoam green keys. And these have a new feature: a large button hole for the machines' protruding carriage return lever.   Hermes 3000 photo by The Typewriter Workshop in Berlin.

Friday night bookbinding club

This why I don't throw out the scraps: Leftover Stonehenge paper strips & navy blue Irish waxed lined thread from my Cold Moon Press printing and binding project last summer.  Leftover marbled paper pieces & typewriter photograph from my Typewriter Trading Cards assemblage project .  And now I have a beautiful little poetry portfolio! I didn't have to buy any new materials AND I got to break in the brand-new elk bone folder that Emma made for my birthday. So fun!   

Submittin' time

Now that we've made it to quittin' time for NaPoWriMo, it's time again to start submitting my work around. It is always exciting to think about the possibility of my poems actually ending up in the magazines to which I submit, because I do not just fling my work out there to anyone and everyone. I choose these lit mags very carefully. There has to be something about them that resonates with me, that makes them a publication I'd be proud (and humbled) to add to my resume. So far this month, I've submitted a batch of poems to: A cappella Zoo Paper Darts Sugar House Review  (or I will do, when their reading period begins May 15) I also decided to be crazy ambitious and submit a chapbook manuscript (my poem series Imago , from NaNoWriMo in November) for dancing girl press 's open reading period. For this display of poetic-hubris, I will blame my extremely supportive NaPoWriMo-partner, Emma .