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New product photos!

Monday I re-photographed all of my Etsy items to date. These photos are much more flattering! And more dynamic, I think, as well. Take a look .

One old pair of jeans, one ugly neck tie, and one shoelace

Not having a press of my own, makes it quite difficult to maintain my title as a Lady of Letterpress. I'm trying to save up for a smallish press, but life in the meantime gets expensive and exhausting; and it looks like saving the couple thousand I'll need for a press and all the start-up materials might take quite a while. So instead, I've been trying to occupy myself with letterpress- related projects that I can make at home. Most recently, I've been making printer's aprons using one old pair of jeans, one ugly neck tie, and one shoelace. I ha ve a habit of saving my old jeans for salvage after they've developed holes in unseemly places (no pun intended!). And now these battered has-beens have a new purpose! I used the legs for the body of the apron: cut them off the abdomen, then sliced each leg open (along one of the seams) and sewed both legs together to make a four-paneled rectangle. For the torso area of the apron, I grabbed each of the upper two o