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On 2018 and my year in poetry

These end-of-year personal inventories are something I really look forward to once December arrives. Some years feel so incredibly long because of everything that manages to happen in world news in a twelve-month period ,  so it becomes really easy to forget about the things I accomplished just a few months earlier — especially when my work life is so busy that it feels like I barely manage to lift my head up enough to work on any of my personal goals. These inventories give me back a much-needed sense of perspective that I can  so easily  lose sight of. So, here are all of the poetry accomplishments I managed this year: I had poems published in print journals  Passages North  and The Cincinnati Review . My first visual poems were also published online in Dream Pop Press  and Duende .  My second chapbook was published by Porkbelly Press in April: Blackbird Whitetail Redhand . Each copy is hand-stitched with a beautiful letterpress cover.  In September, I read f