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A vintage little Christmas

I'm sure with all of my obsessing over typewriters, you would imagine my Christmas list to look something like this: Sadly, it's actually much more like this: I am a 26-year old woman , it is 2012, and , yes, I really want a good vacuum cleaner for Christmas this year. Thanks, Santa.

There and back again: a type-in tale

One of our pretty display tables before the wild rumpus started. No, I have not been out to see the new movie adaptation of The Hobbit yet. I have been busy recovering from my own adventure. Did I tell you about it? Maybe you read about it all on Scribbling Glue or the Literary House blog . Thread Lock Press's first-ever event, a collaboration with Annie of Scribbling Glue, called "Type-In Type-Out": Chestertown's first type-in and letter-writing social , finally happened! If you were unlucky enough to have missed this crazy night, let me share some of it with you now. Hannelore is ready to party. And she brought stationery. After months of preparation, the big day arrived and we were ready. Annie and I showed up at Evergrain Bread Company at 4:00pm--our cars full to overflowing with typewriters, mailart supplies, typewriter and letter-writing ephemera, books about typewriters and famous correspondences and mailart, custom letterpress type-in stationery

A History in Six Couplets

Another fabulous perk of my new job? Getting to assist in designing (and even printing) the famous Literary House Press letterpress-printed broadsides commemorating visiting writers.  Last Tuesday, December 4, the lovely poet and translator Idra Novey came to give a poetry reading at the Lit House as part of our Jewish Voices series. Her most recent poetry collection is  Exit, Civilian (2012). We chose to create a broadside of her poem "A History in Six Couplets" from her book  The Next Country   (2008).  For her broadside, I was hands-on in the design process. How hands-on? I got to carve the linoleum block of this broken city skyline! To say, I love my job, seems an understatement at this point. For more details about the process (and a few pictures by my wonderful co-worker, Owen Bailey ), here's a post I wrote for the Lit House blog: "Behind the Scenes: Creating a Lit House Press broadside."

Type-In Type-Out: Chestertown's first type-in & letter-writing social

Smith Corona portable electric typewriter ad It's finally here! In just three days, Annie and I will be throwing our big party and you are all invited.  P resenting . . . TYPE-IN TYPE-OUT Chestertown's f irst type-in & letter-writing social First F riday, 7 December 2012 5:00-8:00 pm  Evergrain Bread Co m pany 201-203 H igh Street Chestertown, Maryland A flock of typewriters (Hildegard, Hermione, Hannelore, and Heloise) will be on hand and open f or use. Anyone who owns a typewr i te r is warmly invited to bring it along to this social typing e vent. Letterpress-printed stationery cr eated especially for this event will be pr ovided, as well as env elopes and mailart suppli es. Bring your curios ity and be rea d y to laugh. Make art, play with words, meet people, and en joy . Walk away with a renewed sense of c om munity and connection , as well as typewritten and handma de creations.   So, if all of that was not convinc