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Librarian's got a brand new bag (well, sort of)

Not really new, per se. Repurposed. One of my favorite things! We were going to throw out this old mailbox-library bag because the protective plastic around the address label area was extremely tattered. The label would not stay in place. But on my way to garbage bin, I had an idea. So I took it home with me instead. After washing all of the gunk away (that took a bit of scrubbing), I added a fabric lining to the inside, attached a pocket to the front where the fabric was discolored due to the address label, and then some straps, repurposed from old belts. I even added a zipper pull to match the lining and the pocket. I brought it back in to the library to show off this transformation to my library coworkers. And I ended up with commissions for more! If anyone else wants in on this exclusive new library fashion accessory, let me know. I'm here teaching old bags new tricks.