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On looking up and looking ahead

And just like that, here comes summer. Somehow, it is almost time for my book —my debut poetry collection —to be released. I've been reviewing  a second round of proofs, as well as the full cover, and it's all looking amazing! Catechesis: a  postpastoral is due out next month; and the closer we get to June, the less real all of this feels. I think it will only be truly real to me when I have the finished book in my hands.  I've been working hard to line up as many readings as I can for a summer/fall book tour. I've got eight readings scheduled so far, with another in January. And I'd be thrilled to do more! You can always  reach out to me by email , if you're interested in booking me.  Although my Chestertown book launch party in August is easily the event I'm most excited for this summer and fall, I'm also really looking forward to a mini reading series that I'm doing with friends and poets Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach and Nancy Reddy: "(