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Fall is for poets (but so is winter)

Titles are hard. It's been another busy couple of months since my last update. Here's a quick recap of the fall so far: 

Book News September and October were full of readings at home and in the Philadelphia area. I celebrated my dear friend Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach's book launch for her collection The Many Names for Mother. And Julia and I read with our friend Nancy Reddy for our (M)other(ship) events. 

I've still got one more reading coming up. If you're near the Washington, DC area, mark your calendars for December 6 at 6:00 p.m. at Zed's Cafe in Silver Spring, MD. See you there!
I visited a very welcoming English 101 class at Washington College and talked to them about Catechesis and poems and fairy tales. They were such a smart, curious, and very insightful group. 

I was also lucky enough to receive two very generous book reviews for Catechesis so far this fall. Here are some highlights: 
This collection is a stunning pastiche, interwoven with references to Grimm…