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Christmas for the letter-writer: an idea list

Spreading the word about my upcoming collaborative event has taught me quite a bit about the people in and around my small town: there are lots  of typewriter and letter-writing enthusiasts out there! More than I would have thought in this small population set. I guess not everyone is as loud or obsessive as I am (or Annie is), but that doesn't mean they enjoy these things any less.  With this in mind, I thought I'd put together a Christmas gift idea list for the letter-writer in your life: 1. Oversize envelope clutch       (from Pansy Bag) I adore the colors and design of this perfectly simple, large clutch purse from Pansy Bag . You can never have too many envelopes. 2. Postcup, postcard mug     (from Bailey Doesn't Bark) What letter-writer doesn't enjoy a hot cup of tea? Especially this time of year. This mug from Bailey Doesn't Bark  comes with a porcelain pen that you use to fill in the postcard template. Just inscribe, bake, and put the

Holiday sale (er, sell-out?)

So, I guess I'm participating in this Black Friday-Cyber Monday hoopla. I've decided to offer FREE SHIPPING on all items in my Etsy shop from Friday, November 23 through Monday, November 26. Just use the coupon code TLPXMAS12. In addition, I will be listing "The Girls Friday," Typewriter Trading Card Set sooner than previously promised. To have them available in time for holiday shoppers, these limited edition artist trading cards will be available to purchase starting Friday! Do you have any special writers (or readers) in your life that are difficult to shop for? Have they exhibited an appreciation for obsolete technologies? If they do not yet have a working typewriter, get them one ! There has been quite the typewriter renaissance over the past couple of years, and supplies such as ink ribbons are not as hard to find as you might think.  Once they are equipped with their very own working typewriter, come see me for some great typewriter stocking gifts!

Acceptable reasons to cry in public

I contributed a measly $10 to this Kickstarter project called "Acceptable Reasons to Cry in Public," a public grassroots letterpress broadside art installation, and in return I got these four gorgeous posters , complete with letterpress-printed QR codes--one to keep, three to post in public spaces. Working at a college, I feel I am in a place full of people--students and faculty--who are forever on the verge of emotional breakdown; and these people seem especially in need of the consolation that we all cry in public sometimes . My own life this past four or five years has been littered with these glittering moments. It's genuine  and tragic and kind, and in the end, it's also funny. I loved being able to be a tiny part of this project.  After brainstorming with a few friends, I decided my chosen venues would be public bathrooms around the Washington College campus--ladies' bathrooms in particular. Isn't that where all of us girls prefer to do our public c

Cozy Christmas for a Typewriter

"Question: What is the one Christmas present designed for use by every member of the family except infants, which can be used daily the whole year round and which will last a lifetime with a minimum of care? Answer: A typewriter." "Typewriter Sales Offers Perfect Christmas Gift," The Victoria Advocate , 26 November 1962. Yes, this ad is 50 years old. But over the past few years, typewriter ownership has been on the rise once again. Have you n oticed?   So my question is: Do you know someone who's getting a typewriter for Christmas this year? Maybe you are getting someone a typewriter for Christmas. You know what that typewriter is probably missing? A kitschy fabric typewriter cozy from Thread Lock Press . I make custom typewriter covers for every typewriter, starting at $40. And you won 't be able to find these anywhere else! If you want me to make you a custom typewriter cozy for Christmas, just send me a message with your typewriter's d

NaNoWriMo: Poetry Edition

Yes, I do know that there is an established Na Po WriMo during the month of April to give poets a share in the longstanding November tradition of National Novel Writing Month . But I was too distracted, exhausted, and (yes) lazy this past April to do my poetic duties of writing a poem a day for 30 days. So, to make up for it, I am observing this marathon alongside the novelists right now .  One of ou r many adventures, this one with cheesecake - on-a- stick.  Photo by Olivia Mirot Since I am very eager to get myself back firmly-saddled on the poetry-writing-horse, I will do my very best to stick to this strict regimen. A good way to go about this? Rope a friend into doing it with you and you've got accountability. Emma and I are sending our daily poem attempts back and forth. So far, so good.