Christmas for the letter-writer: an idea list

Spreading the word about my upcoming collaborative event has taught me quite a bit about the people in and around my small town: there are lots of typewriter and letter-writing enthusiasts out there! More than I would have thought in this small population set. I guess not everyone is as loud or obsessive as I am (or Annie is), but that doesn't mean they enjoy these things any less. 

With this in mind, I thought I'd put together a Christmas gift idea list for the letter-writer in your life:

1. Oversize envelope clutch 
    (from Pansy Bag)

I adore the colors and design of this perfectly simple, large clutch purse from Pansy Bag. You can never have too many envelopes.

2. Postcup, postcard mug
    (from Bailey Doesn't Bark)

What letter-writer doesn't enjoy a hot cup of tea? Especially this time of year. This mug from Bailey Doesn't Bark comes with a porcelain pen that you use to fill in the postcard template. Just inscribe, bake, and put the kettle the on.

3. Simple typewriter calling cards
    (from Michelle Brusegaard)

If letter-writing and typewriters aren't old-fashioned enough, how about calling cards from Michelle Brusegaard? Not a business card, just a formal "So-and-so was here" calling card. And this one uses a typewriter-inspired font.

4. Leather envelope card wallet
     (from Mariposa Handmade   

And how about an envelope-shaped wallet from Mariposa Handmade Handbag to keep those calling cards in?

5. Felt typewriter brooch
     (from Green Accordion)

I would wear this brooch from Green Accordion to every fancy get-together that I could. Get them in multiple colors so that you always have one to match! 

6. Exquisite dark stationery
     (from The 1900 Letter)

And even more of that old-fashioned taste. I think the gothic embellishments on every stationery design from The 1900 Letter add a large dose of atmosphere to letter-writing and letter-reading. Don't you?

7. Address labels
    (from The Little Fox)

Another added touch is the illustrated address label. Try "The Lovely Letter" theme of address labels from The Little Fox.

8. Stationery & letter organizer
     (from downstairsDesigns)

I've had my eye on these In Touch clutches from downstairsDesigns for quite a while now. Organization is crucial when you have so many obligations and projects up in the air at the same time. It may even spare you enough time to write a letter or two. Another nice design element at work here: when you snap the clutch closed, it looks like an envelope!

Good luck with your gift-giving! Now to get started on my own...


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