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Having a Coke with You

July has been jam-packed with broadside-printing at the Literary House ! We have been rolling up our sleeves, getting good and inky, and having quite a fun time in the process. I am especially excited about the broadside I designed for Elana Bell's poem "How I Got My Name (Jabotinsky)" and how well it turned out. I actually like to think of it as a companion piece to the broadside I designed in the fall for Idra Novey's poem "A History in Six Couplets." Displayed side-by-side, they definitely build on and complement each other. A couple weeks ago, I heard from Idra again. She told me she was going to be in a wedding at the end of the month, reading Frank O'Hara's poem "Having a Coke with You." She and her friend had the wonderful idea of presenting a framed broadside of this poem to the bride and groom as a wedding gift, and Idra did me the honor of commissioning me to design and print it. What fun! So yet another July broadside w

Forthcoming: wicked alice

Good poetry news today! My three poems "[Prospectus:]," "Shirley Jackson is an Advice Columnist for the Bennington Banner ," and "Atomic Age 1" have been accepted for publication by wicked alice ! They will probably appear some time in August. Hooray! That brings my total for the year to a whopping 4 literary magazine acceptances , with a chapbook manuscript acceptance to boot. I'm hoping to ride this wave of good poetry-juju as far as it will take me.

Holiday highlights

This lovely 3-day workweek and 4-day weekend were filled with many fun, summery things. 1.   The printing of a new letterpress broadside at the Lit House. I designed this one for Elana Bell 's poem "How I Got My Name (Jabotinsky)" from her collection Eyes, Stones . Elana is reading at our third and final 2013 Summer Poetry Salon on July 23. Yes, that is indeed gold ink! 2.   Picking secret wild wineberries! They are so delicious (and free, of course). They always finish ripening around here by Independence Day, so this has become a bit of a holiday tradition. A successful harvest to be shared with friends and family. 3.   Visits from out-of-town friends. Bryanna Tidmarsh , who I met at the West Chester University Poetry Conference a month ago, came to town with her partner Michael on their way to a Baltimore weekend excursion. It was so lovely to see them! 4.   Non-traditional postcards from in-town friends on vacation. My artist-friend Stu Cawle