Holiday highlights

This lovely 3-day workweek and 4-day weekend were filled with many fun, summery things.

The printing of a new letterpress broadside at the Lit House. I designed this one for Elana Bell's poem "How I Got My Name (Jabotinsky)" from her collection Eyes, Stones. Elana is reading at our third and final 2013 Summer Poetry Salon on July 23.

Yes, that is indeed gold ink!

Picking secret wild wineberries! They are so delicious (and free, of course). They always finish ripening around here by Independence Day, so this has become a bit of a holiday tradition.

A successful harvest to be shared with friends and family.

Visits from out-of-town friends. Bryanna Tidmarsh, who I met at the West Chester University Poetry Conference a month ago, came to town with her partner Michael on their way to a Baltimore weekend excursion. It was so lovely to see them!

Non-traditional postcards from in-town friends on vacation. My artist-friend Stu Cawley, who is cooling off next to a lake in Maine, sent me this hand-drawn postcard sketched on a papery piece of tree bark. Neat, no?

My brother and cousin also came to town for the weekend, which meant a Saturday afternoon of boating fun on the muddy Chester River. I got a bit of sun and breeze while the boys went wakeboarding. And of course there were steamed Maryland crabs waiting for us back on shore.

Sunday was a day of recuperation, which meant the time was right to begin re-reading an old favorite: Peter S. Beagle's The Last Unicorn.  In between decadent afternoon naps, of course.


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