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Breaking it down for you

from Steidl , makers of the new "Paper Passion" perfume If you have been fearing the rise of the digital age--of e-readers replacing your hardbacks, of laptops and tablets replacing your typewriter--more than the preservation of tradition and objects, it is probably the experience of the thing that you cling to most. But as much as I love my things--my books, my typewriter, my card catalog, my bookshelves, my printing press--I am a HUGE admirer of technological innovation. And from what I read , I am reassured that our sensory indulgences have not become lost in the deluge of robotic progress.  Missing that distinctive smell of a book while flicking through virtual pages on your snazzy new e-reader? Apply some Paper Passion perfume to your wrists! (or maybe the air around you, instead) No, I'm not joking. What fun ideas people have! I am always pleasantly surprised with what other people come up with: the simpler, the better. This product, packaged in a hollowed-

Let me make you something beautiful

I love to make things. Let me make something for you. Letterpress printing. Book arts. Experiments in hand-sewing. Just send me a message at

Now it is so quiet here

I think I have reached that point of mid-season malaise. Between the hot, sticky weather and the stagnation of working life and the completion of creative projects, I find myself longing for something new, something to write poetry about. Which is very silly, of course. There is always something to write about, it's more a matter of forcing yourself to write it out because there is something else in the way. It's just the doldrums of July.

Wax on, wane off

Well, that's it. Printing finished. Pages folded. Holes punched. Booklets bound. I walked down to the post office yesterday morning when it was still fairly early and not too hot, and shipped the order off. I'm quite happy with how they turned out. I hope Cold Moon Press is, too. I have taken this week off from my library job; and with my printing and binding commission complete, I plan to devote myself to writing (which I have sorely neglected the past couple of months). It's time to be a writer again: read, write poetry, and send it off to lit mags hoping some good fish may bite. P.S. For those who are curious, here are some pictures from the binding process. My paper-folding work station (laid out on my new 2' x 3' cutting mat). Punching holes for binding the pages together,  using my tiny awl and book sewing cradle. Stacks of the almost-finished catalog booklets.  The only thing missing is the thread. Packed up and ready to go!