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On successful experiments and my sudden excitement

I am so thrilled to share that the first five of my visual poetry (or poem-collage ) pieces have been accepted for publication! " (Hooded skullcap / plate 171) ," " (false dragonhead / plate 170) ," " (jack-in-the-pulpit / plate 2) ," " (round-leaved sundew & venus flytrap / plate 74) ," and " (swamp pink / plate 35) " will be appearing in a future issue(s) of Duende .  More than being excited, it is such an incredible relief to have this new experimental work validated by other editors and publishers. Making these pieces was a great leap for me—I did not have a map for how they should be and how they would fit with with my purely textual work. I am also unfamiliar with the landscape of publishing such hybrid pieces. I was confident in my need to create them because the impulse came from the same place that pushes me to write a particular poem about a particular thing with those particular words. But after that, it was like