To-do, to-do, to-do

Inspired by poet-professor Jehanne Dubrow's blog post "Someday Soon", I've decided to create a new list of my personal goals for the near future. I also did this last summer, but with pen and paper, and it really can be helpful:

* to plant (and not kill) the basil and rosemary seedlings I have waiting out back in their temporary containers.

* to write one poem a week even if it's crappy (although I'd rather it be wonderful and fulfilling).

* to get Chester Cat Press started with

* to find some suitable, non-plastic lawn furniture.

* to make some more pesto (hopefully, with the basil in my tiny herb garden), and pesto mayo. Mmmm...

* to make something tangible of my collaboration with my painter-friend
Emily, maybe a handmade chapbook, poems and illustrations, bound with red linen thread. Hmmmm...

* to submit more poems to literary magazines.

* to get my grandmother's 1950s Smith-Corona manual typewriter fixed-up and unstuck so I can use it to type poems and other such things.

* to watch less television (which will be made abundantly easier once the analog signals officially shut off in a couple weeks).

* to have more tea parties with friends.

* to make.


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