Getting back on track

For the last month and a half, life seems to have taken over and poetry neglected. Sad times. But there have been books--lots and lots and lots of books. Although I have been shamefully absent from my personal blog, I have been frequently updating my professional blog for the Chestertown Book Festival (I don't mean professional in that I actually get paid, but in that it is a part of my job as Secretary to the Festival Committee). The second annual Chestertown Book Festival is almost here and we have been working our bibliophile-butts off to get everything together--but it should be wonderful! So, remember: October 8 & 9, Downtown Chestertown. Be there!

In other news, I have been writing a little (as in one poem completed in the last month) and I am trying to get back in the swing of that submitting-thing. I have sent this one to Moon Milk Review, a great (mostly online) literary magazine with a focus on magic realism in the vein of Italo Calvino. So cool! I should hear back from them within a month's time (so they say) and if they don't want my little poem, I plan to send it along to another great literary magazine I've recently discovered called A cappella Zoo, also dedicated to literature of magic realism and slipstream.

One really interesting thing I have discovered looking around their submissions pages is that both of these magazines use a submissions manager called Submishmash to handle their incoming slush piles. Not only does this service have a fun name, they're free for any publisher of literature and art! A great service to keep in mind should I ever decide I want to start up a literary magazine of my own... although I don't see that happening any time soon.

Also, I now have a second cat! A friendly Siamese-mix stray with blue eyes whom I have named Kevin. Pictures soon.


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