New and shiny things

Lately, I've been working on some ways to spiff up my Etsy shop (launched in October of last year). Most of my listings will expire next month and before I renew them, I plan to take all new and better pictures of my broadsides, book, and typewriter cozies. But yesterday, I created a new and better banner for Thread Lock Press, of which I feel a bit proud:

The photos in this banner were all taken by me of course. I was inspired to rework it after taking a good long look at the antique door knobs in my new rental house. They were an absolute perfect fit! I just strung some embroidery thread through the (fairly wide) keyhole and started experimenting with angles of perception, focusing on the keyhole and thread. My favorites ended up being the shots looking up at the door knob. They reminded me of Alice Kingsley after she's drunk the shrinking potion upon falling down the rabbit hole.


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