Hello, again, NPM

Official NPM 2012 poster
I cannot believe it has already been a year since the last National Poetry Month, but here we are again. My hope is that I will force myself to make enough time for writing this month. I would say I will write a poem every day this month to celebrate, but I know that is far too ambitious a project for me. I hope only to finish the one I am working on right now (which is a slow one) to my satisfaction, and maybe start one or two more.

But in the spirit of the month and the season, I would like to offer up a reading recommendation. One of my favorite poems is "Deep Pond at Dusk in Heavy Rain Against Pines" by J. Allyn Rosser. It first appeared in the October 1992 issue of Poetry magazine and then was gathered for her book Misery Prefigured

The green of that poem. Some days I wish I could live inside it.


  1. How very cool that JSTOR is collaborating with the Poetry Foundation to increase access to poetry!

    I hope your writing is going well this month. Today is a good day for a cup of tea, some fresh air, and creativity. (Of course, I think pretty much all days are good for those things.)


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