In print: Eckleburg no. 18

My Eckleburg poems "Red Market" and "Women and Children First" will be appearing IN PRINT. Woo-hoo!

The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review is releasing their Issue no. 18 as a print anthology of the year's online work and my poems made the cut. This will be the first time (since my undergraduate literary review) that my poems have appeared in print. 

Somehow, I feel like all the little publications as an undergrad don't count because you're competing within a pretty small pool of writers, who are also exclusively undergrads, and only undergrads that happen to go to the same small liberal arts college that you attend (Sorry, Washington College Review, it's just how I feel). 

So, this anthology feels like the actual first time. Thanks, Eckleburg. I can't wait for my free contributor's copy!


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