Book Festival Type-in!

Annie and I are prepping for our second type-in and letter-writing social! After the surprising success of our first event, the Chestertown Book Festival invited us to be a part of the 2013 festivities.

On Saturday, September 21, Thread Lock Press and Scribbling Glue will be hosting a type-in and letter-writing social from 10:00AM-noon in a room just off the main Book Makers and Writers Exhibition Hall at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 101 N. Cross Street. 

Here's our brand-new mission statement:
This type-in and letter-writing social is a creative collaboration between Thread Lock Press, typewriter-enthusiast and letterpress printer, and Scribbling Glue, letter-writing champion and envelope-pusher. They are out to reintroduce people to old techniques for creating new and improbable connections.
After two solid hours of typing and mail art, we will scurry over to the main Exhibition Hall to man our exhibitor table for the rest of the afternoon. I will be bringing some of my typewriter and letterpress items from my Etsy shop for display and sale. It's only about a month away now, so mark your calendars, guys!


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