Forthcoming: The Wolf Skin

My second-ever poem solicitation ended in the fastest and absolute best acceptance letter I've ever received. My two poems "Tornado Alley Love Song" and "Girl who Gave Birth to an Apple" are now forthcoming in the online lit mag, The Wolf Skin. Many thanks to founding editor, Trevor Almy!

And what a great name, right? Their philosophical mission is rooted in Native American trickster tales--right up my folk-and-fairy-tale-alley, for sure. 

Also, I have a big soft spot for wolves. They are in a fight against artificial extinction in the United States right now in a big way. Coming up against hunter-friendly legislation and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services' removal of gray wolves from the list of federally protected species, these beautiful animals are being unfairly vilified for being what they are. If you find the mass-killing of wolves in the American West and their quickly dwindling populations as painful as I do, you should speak up for them, too. 

Every time I look at my dog, I see her distant cousins in there. They are family.

UPDATE from 04/23/2014: The poems are up! You can now read "Tornado Alley Love Song" and "Girl who Gave Birth to an Apple" on The Wolf Skin.


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