Chapbook interview with Laura Madeline Wiseman! trading chapbooks/books with my new poetry friend Laura Madeline Wiseman at the AWP Conference in Minneapolis, she interviewed me as part of her blog series on the chapbook. You can read it here!

I am so grateful to Madeline for including me in this fun series because I just love chapbooks. And I always discover more about my own thoughts and feelings about a thing when I am forced to find words to describe them. Things like this: 
"My chapbook experiment forced me to push past the mystery that I like to leave my poems suspended within. I had to find answers to the poetic questions I posed. The interconnectedness of these poems also made them very dependent upon each other for meaning and context, which meant that they lost some of their potency if presented as individual poems (say in a literary journal or anthology). This could be considered a weakness in the poems, but gathered together in their intended sequence in a chapbook, they seem to form one bigger and stronger poem. That’s what I think the chapbook does best, when it works: assembles a group of poems into one larger mother-beast of a poem." 
I hope you'll read the interview, if you're interested in hearing my thoughts about the state of the chapbook in contemporary poetry. And, as always, copies of my chapbook Imago are available for purchase from dancing girl press. Happy Saturday, poetry-loving people!


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