On cherrybombs and fairy tales

This is a fairly accurate representation of the last month of my life: 

Don't these two look great together?

Cherry Tree's second issue was released on February 15 and we've been welcoming it since with a parade of contributor, staff, and subscriber selfies in our #cherrybomb social media campaign. It's been a heckuva lot of fun because so many of our friends have been playing along with us. 

Then this week, Fairy Tale Review's Ochre Issue arrived on my front stoop! My contest-winning poem series "Forestry (parts 1-3)" is in here alongside some other fantastical work. If you're headed to AWP in LA later this month, you can pick up a copy of FTR there, although Cherry Tree will be staying home this year. Either way, you should absolutely subscribe to both of these literary journals. 

And in case you missed it a couple of weeks ago, I have a guest post up on Fairy Tale Review's blog for their Fairy-Tale Files series: On Circles of Salt

Editorial work is nearly done on Still Life with Poem. We'll be sending out proofs to our anthology contributors in less than two weeks!


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