On letterpress love and chapbook covers

My new chapbook Blackbird Whitetail Redhand is getting a letterpress cover and I am just thrilled! One of my favorite parts of my job at the Rose O'Neill Literary House is getting to create designs for and print letterpress broadsides of other writers' work. Because of my (very happy) time served as letterpress-bridesmaid, it really is so personally meaningful and exciting to be the recipient of the letterpress treatment for the very first time. 

Nicci Mechlereditor, book designer, artist, and printer extraordinaire at Porkbelly Pressput together this typographical design for my chapbook cover using varying fonts and faces of wood typesome even hand-carved. You can see the creatively-arranged Tetris-like lock-up in the type bed at Tiger Lily Press below. What fun! 

It will always be such an honor to have another artist render a visual impression of my textual work. This black and white, letterpress cover is the pitch-perfect opening into my new chapbook of fairytale poems. I think the only thing that would make it more perfect would be red endpapers: Black(ink) White(cover) Red(endpapers). 

It's available now for pre-order here. It should be ready for release in early 2018! 

December 29 Update!
Here are a few more colorful process photos from the editor, who is in the print shop this week: 


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