"Practice Makes Published" & other upcoming poetry events

On Saturday, November 10, I will be giving a talk on poetry & publishing with my good friend and colleague James Allen Hall at 11:00 a.m. at the Kent County Public Library in Chestertown! Do you have questions about how to get started with publishing your poetry and how to go about getting it out in the world? Then please come to our event and bring your questions with you! James and I will be giving advice from our experience on both sides of the fenceas writers and as editors. I'm finishing up my notes and handouts this weekend.

In other news, book production for Catechesis is moving along at a very steady pace! I've secured blurbs from two dream poets. The University of Utah Press has sent me a draft of a cover design that I absolutely love, as well as a sneak peek at the foreword Kimiko Hahn has been writing for it. Soon the U of U Press 2019 catalog will be out with the very first preview of the book as object—as more than just manuscript. All of these beautiful and exciting things will be revealed soon, but not quite yet. It's all happening so very quickly, and also not fast enough. I am ecstatic and anxious and thrilled and exhausted. I just. Can't. Wait. 

We've also been discussing details around my upcoming reading at the University of Utah to celebrate the release of the book, by invitation of the U of U Creative Writing Program. I will be reading from Catechesis: a postpastoral alongside the amazing Kimiko Hahn on January 16, 2020! So, if you can make it out to Salt Lake City, please mark your calendars and save this magical date. Here's hoping I don't faint!

I just received a slightly-belated yes from a third dream poet for blurbing my book!! I'm definitely going to faint. xoxo


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