Meet the press

Despite my claims of poverty, I soon will be acquiring a printing press of my very own. A Chandler & Price, no less. Master printer, teacher, and friend, Mike Kaylor, found a tabletop C&P that needs some minor cleaning and repair that he is willing to sell to me at a modest price. Think of this model as the laptop equivalent to the desktop computer--although I would never attempt to set this cast-iron beast on my lap:

Here's her make and model:

She even comes with a (very) brief introduction to the history of the printing press. Although Mike's stories are much better:

So, truth: No, I didn't win the lottery. Yes, I am still poor. But the possibility of realistically owning my own press motivated me to be even thriftier and put a stringent savings plan into practice for the few months it will take me to earn this beauty. What happened was, word came down, the way it does, that Mike had a press he wanted to sell and so I said, "Wait! Wait! How much? I want it!" And Bob's your uncle.

So... by October, I should have the money to purchase her. Then I'll have to save a bit for the things I'll need to outfit her. She should have a bit less sawdust on her then, as well.


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