Still on the cusp

I just received another rejection letter from Fairy
Tale Review. I was really hoping that this time would be it, but alas. Again I received the nicest, personalized response, which I am taking as encouragement. I try not to let these things get me down. If any writer gives in to that feeling, there really is no hope of getting anywhere (think the Swamps of Sadness in The Neverending Story--oh, poor Artax). Anyway, I know I'm getting somewhere, it just might take me a bit longer.

On a related note, Alissa Nutting, the guest editor of Fairy Tale Review's The Grey Issue, who writes such fantastic rejection letters, has a book of her own. She's a very talented writer of prose and I highly recommend her short story collection, Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls. I keep my copy on my fairy tale shelf.


  1. That is a truly lovely note.

    Persistence, perseverance, and patience, dear! And don't forget to enjoy the journey of getting there as much as you enjoy the ultimate destination.

  2. I love when you call me "dear." :)


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