Bigger things

And still I am not satisfied. Here is a list of the bigger things I am wishing for in the near future. These will require a little more saving.

A 6.5 x 10" chase for Captain. This is the bit that the set type is locked tightly into, which is then placed inside the press to be inked and printed. It's like a cast-iron picture frame for a composition in type.

Rollers and roller trucks for (again) Captain. The rollers are, well, rollers that apply ink to the type for printing; and roller trucks anchor and guide the ink rollers over the ink plate and then the print-ready type.

I still need a few sizes and fonts of type for, well, printing!

Then a few cans of rubber-based ink (easier for cleaning than oil-based), in a small variety of colors.

And a book press. For book binding.

With these few things, I will be print-ready. I think I may be able to acquire them all before the new year is through.


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