It doesn't take long for letterpress to rub off on you.
The Cold Moon Press catalog commission is almost finished. The last of the paper has finally arrived (after some maneuvering on my end), so this week I will finish the printing. And then, as soon as the ink has safely dried, I will begin binding all these little guys. 

I'm almost sad for this project to end. I have had a lot of fun with it, getting to try new techniques and getting more practiced with the ones with which I'm already quite a bit familiar. I'm always learning something new with letterpress and I love that. 

I've even been enjoying the boring bits like finding and ordering materials and supplies: HahnemΓΌhle Ingres antique paper from ArtPaper (and when they're out of stock, from FineArtStore); the heavier stock white Stonehenge paper from ArtPaper; fun and gorgeous end papers from Paper Mojo; Irish waxed linen thread in slate grey from ArtPaper (and when they're out of stock, from Minor Details on Etsy). 

That was really the only problem I found: these awesome suppliers won't necessarily have everything you want at the quantity you need in stock. But there are real people behind these web facades and they are small businesses with a passion for high quality materials. (And I was always able to get a quick and honest response when I needed to know, "Will I be able to get that by next week so I can meet my project deadline?") But with the help of Google, I was able to find an alternative source in a pinch for the rest of the specific materials I needed. Combined their forces, so to speak.


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