Makeover; or making it up as I go along

I have been doing some brainstorming lately regarding updating the Etsy shop and taking the Thread Lock Press endeavor a little more seriously. I've come up with a tagline: "the machinery of words + the thread that binds them." And here's a business card design that (I hope) captures the new aesthetic:

It goes along with the new shop banner, anyway. I like it. And now I really want to do a little research into niche marketing and how I can be doing things better to get more profitable results. Honestly, TLP has only been an in-my-spare-time, just-for-fun sort of thing. But maybe it's time to make this into something more. Time for me and TLP to do some growing up.


  1. Hooray for growing up! Or, maybe not.
    Well, hooray for the new look, and the new moving forward with fortitude thing.
    Also love your tagline. Can't wait to see the new developments!

  2. Aw thanks, Robbi! I'm hoping to put a bit more elbow grease into all of this over the next few months. Working on SEO stuff and creating a more solid identity as I figure it out myself. I'm trying to see whether that will yield greater sales and general notoriety ;)


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